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March 23, 2012:
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Dangers of Bath Salts With MDPV As Active Ingredient

Hallucinations and Death Can Ruin A Good Time.

MDPV, sold as "bath salts" in many cities around the world, can create serious side effects beyond the rush expected by the user. Many people buy MDPV at head shops and convenience stores as a substitute for cocaine or ecstacy but unfortunately the drug's legality does not mean that it is in any way safe. Some users can experience heart palpitations, extreme paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety, and death as a result of using the drug, while others will have depressed thoughts and suicidal tendencies. In several cases people became extremely paranoid or believed that friends were actually enemies, so the danger of MDPV can create a highly agitated person who thinks you (who may be using it yourself, so you aren't fully able to comprehend the situation) are an adversary who needs to be eliminated. Therefore, it is best to avoid the effects of MDPV by not hanging out with people who go crazy and may try to kill you.

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