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November 22, 2013
The stuff is pretty much illegal everywhere, and there is no guarantee that you will get MDPV, and on top of that, you could die! Maybe you should read a book instead.Did MDPV Cause Face Eating Attack? Bath Salts Profiled on Dateline NBC. For once Chris Hansen isn't luring strange men into the homes of young women.


Federal and State Laws:

Buying this drug outright is against the law, and some people may sell precursors or variants (analogs) but in reality you should just skip the MDPV.

UPDATE: MDPV BANNED IN US on 10-21-2011! (predicted date of apocalypse)What are the dangers of the MDPV Drug?

Increase in hospital admissions and freak-outs

the MDPV drug is often sold as "bath salts" in head shops and convenience stores, but the $40 price tag for a few milligrams is a clear indicator that bathing is not the intended use. Users report that it has similar effects to Ritalin, Cocaine, or Ecstacy. People who take MDPV and "Bath Salts" are looking to experience euphoria, alertness, appetite suppression, increased arousal, sociability, energy, motivation, and wakefulness. Basically, MDPV is seen as a party drug, and can be bought easily from many locations or on the internet. The downsie of the drug is different for different people and can include extreme ringing in the ears, difficulty breathing, increased body temperature, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and narrowing of blood vessels, which can lead to heart problems. Some people experience panic attacks longer than the drug's expected 3 hour duration. Coming down from the drug (like any major stimulant) can create feelings of depression, weakness, lightheadedness, headaches, and anxiety. Some people end up with severely bloodshot eyes. The drug is currently banned in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Florida but still legal in many states. (Note: This website may not have the most current information, so check with local authorities.)

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Do not take any drug that is marked as "not for human consumption" because that pretty much releases the seller from liability if they put rat poison in it.